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There’s 30% Off The Rhodes V8 & V8 Pro

Plugin Boutique are offering 30% off the Rhodes V8 and V8 Pro for a limited time. The V8 is now only £101.95 / $132.57, (usually £149.95 / $189.41). The V8 Pro is now only £174.95 / $220.99, (usually £249.95 / $315.73). The offers end September 3rd.

For the first time, the hallowed sound and feel of the acclaimed Rhodes MK8 electric piano at your fingertips in any recording studio or live performance. The V8 is a deeply multi-sampled and modelled, hyper-realistic version of the Rhodes MK8, capturing all the nuance and character of the flagship electric piano. The only official software to carry the Rhodes name, the V8 is the final destination for musicians looking to augment their productions with the timeless beauty of ‘The True Rhodes Sound’.

The V8 is a hyper-realistic re-creation of the Rhodes MK8 electric piano and the first official plug-in by Rhodes.

Encompassing 30,000 samples directly sampled from Rhodes’ flagship MK8 piano, including up to 127 velocity layers, 14 articulations and mechanical noise – the V8 additionally employs a hyper-real modelling engine, providing a level of sonic authenticity never before heard in any other electric piano virtual instrument.

For audio voyagers that seek ultimate control, Rhodes has created the V8 Pro Edition, expanding the V8’s vast sonic palette, tweakability and nuance – offering a forensic level of control and customisation. For the V8 Pro Edition, Rhodes has deeply modelled the intimate behaviour of the MK8 FX board – featuring a VCA Compressor and Phaser paired with Bucket-Brigade Chorus and Delay.

Features include:

  • Parametric EQ featuring Low Gain, Mid Gain, Mid Freq & High Gain
  • Diode-based Drive control for crunch and heavy distorted sounds
  • Envelope control for auto-wah effects
  • Over 30.000 samples recorded at 96 kHZ / 24 Bit
  • Up to 100 velocity layers, 14 articulations from sustains to various types of staccatos, portamentos and legatos to note offs, sympathetic resonances, mechanical noises and more.
  • 208 factory Presets and 120 factory Profiles.
  • Total size original recordings: ca. 60 GB Total size on disk (after lossless data reduction): ca. 22 GB

The Rhodes V8 Pro is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Rhodes V8 and V8 Pro and to compare prices, click here:

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