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Let’s Unmix Updated With Piano Separation And More

Let’s Unmix, the super cool audio separation app has been updated to version 3 which introduces a number of new features and fixes. Let’s Unmix is available as a FREE download with an optional in-app purchase to unlock its full potential.

What’s new in version 3.0:

  • Piano sound separation in addition to vocals, drums, bass and other instruments
  • AIFF and ALAC support
  • New UI layout for better usability
  • Easier file operations such as load, save, export
  • Bug fixes

Let’s Unmix is a fully automatic music source separator.

It separates your music into Vocal, Drums , Bass and other instruments and can be used for Karaoke,DJ,remix,etc.

Separate music into vocals, drums(percussion), bass, piano and other instruments.

Separated tracks can be saved and exported to other apps such as DAW.

You can control volumes and panning of each track separately for playback and export. Playback speed also can be adjusted

You can cut specific region of the tracks for playback and export by defining the area of the waveform view.

Source music can be imported from Media Library, other apps or cloud services such as iCloud, DropBox , Google Drive and so forth.

The supported file format as source music are mp3, m4a, alac, aiff, flac and wav. The supported output formats are m4a,alac, aiff, midi(bass,vocals) and wav.

The optimal sampling rate of the source file is 44.1KHz(CD quality). The sampling rate of output file is always 44.1KHz regardless of the sampling rate of the source file.

For more information on Let’s Unmix, click here:

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