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Cem Olcay Updates & Price Drops SnakeBud

Cem Olcay has released an update to SnakeBud and to celebrate, he’s reduced the price to $4.99, (usually $6.99). The offer ends September 3rd.

What’s new in version 2.5:

  • Adds new MIDI CC Output on AUv3 app.
  • Route SnakeBud MIDI CC Output to the app you want to send MIDI CC messages.
  • Set the CC Number from the bottom toolbar with the CC # knob.
  • You can also set a ramping value with the CC Ramp knob. If you set it to 0% you can use it like a sample and hold module.
  • Bottom toolbar UI updated.

SnakeBud is a 16-step AUv3 MIDI Sequencer with a 4×4 grid. You can set the note, gate, velocity and probability values for each step and you can also toggle them on/off.

It has 56 snake patterns for the sequencing on a 2-dimensional grid which differentiates it from the one directional sequencers. You can get 56 different sequences within the same grid.

SnakeBud has a music theory engine with 40+ scales which can be changed from the settings menu. You can lock the notes in a scale and you can change the scale even when the sequencer is running.

With the randomiser, you can randomise the notes, the snake pattern or all parameters at once.

You can save the current state in a pattern and create as many patterns as you want by pressing the plus button in the patterns section on the bottom-left side of the screen.

The AUv3 plugin exposes more than 90 Audio Unit parameters. You can control them or even automate them with the supported audio unit host apps such as AUM, Cubase, apeMatrix.

The standalone version of SnakeBud supports Ableton Link.

SnakeBud does not produce sound itself, it’s a MIDI app and requires an audio app in order to work. Just route the SnakeBud MIDI output to the audio app’s MIDI input and arm the sequencer.

For more information on SnakeBud, click here:

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