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OSC Audio Updates SumFX With New Features

OSC Audio have updated sumFX, their modular multi-fx processor with new features. sumFX is currently available for $4.99.

What’s new in version 1.0.7:

  • New preset load drop down lists for Slot and Chain
  • New preset load drop down lists for Slot and Chain
  • New preset save added next to save as for Slot and Chain
  • New preset next/previous for Slot and Chain
  • New tutorial on first launch
  • New Link control for Input/Output gain inside powerPhase (Utility)
  • New iPhone (only) view selections for LFO, FX, or FULL view for easier usability
  • Refactored LFO/Mode sections for easier selections & more efficient CPU Warning added to LFO/Mode to remind users when FX OFF
  • Corrected missing check boxes in Audio Setup (Stand alone only)
  • Corrected Delay reaction when Link engaged/disabled
  • General reliability improvements

sumFX is a modular multi-FX processor for Mac/PC and now iOS. Designed with simplicity in mind, to help keep you focused on the music and the sum of your efforts.

Packed with 8 high quality FX modules and an available 8 slots, each loaded with Wet/Dry control, Global Dry/Wet, and 2 (5-Mode) LFOs per slot, creating new unique sounds is quick and easy.

50 cross-platform slot & chain presets are included to get you to any sound you need quickly and we’ve packed in an easy to use pre/post waveform view to help keep you focused on the result of your FX.

The include modules:

  • SyncDynamics – Multimode dynamic FX with BPM sync attack/release (Noise Gate, Expander, Compressor, Limiter)
  • stereoFilter – Stereo filter with link or individual channel controls (LPF12, HPF12, BPF12, LPF24, HPF24, BPF24, Notch, & Formant options).
  • variMod – Multimode modulation FX with stereo offset (Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Phaser, Tremolo, & Auto Pan)
  • EQuator – Full high quality EQ module (3 Parametric Bands, High/Low Shelf, & HPF/LPF).
  • frostReverb – Stereo Algorithmic Reverb with freeze control.
  • bucketDelay – Stereo Digital Delay with individual channel control.
  • variPitch – Stereo Pitch Shifter with 3X Modes (Doubler, Harmonizer, & Full Control)
  • powerPhase – Multimode Saturation, Utility Gain In/Out, Mono Maker, Channel msDelay, & Phase inverter.
  • AUv3 support

For more information on sumFX, click here:

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