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Ternär Music Technology’s Flechtwerk Coming To IOS

Ternär Music Technology have announced their forthcoming port to iOS. Flechtwerk (currently an Ableton Live only product) is scheduled for its iOS debut mid-end of September, there’s no information on pricing.

In commemoration of Mutable Instruments’ amazing Eurorack modules I give to you Flechtwerk: a clone of MI’s multifaceted synthesizer Plaits whose code not only found its way into the Arturia Microfreak but also into countless Eurorack clones over the years. It is a macro-oscillator with 16 unique synthesizer models each controllable with 3 macro controls: Harmonics, Timbre and Morph.

Flechtwerk makes use of Plaits’ integrated LPG envelope generator but also gives you the option to only output the raw signal which you can then pair with the VCA/VCF combos DmmG/DmmG Pro to give you a full ADSR envelope, lowpass/highpass/bandpass/notch filters and flexible trigger routing for a modular experience.

Besides all of the basic features of the original module, Flechtwerk Pro gives you 8 voices of polyphony, LFO with 5 different shapes and an integrated step sequencer to modulate the selected synthesizer model.

For more information on Ternär Music Technology products, click here:

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