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89% Off SSL Guitarstrip & Harrison Consoles AVA Bass Flow Bundle

Plugin Boutique are offering 89% off the SSL Guitarstrip & Harrison Consoles AVA Bass Flow Bundle for a limited time, now only £37.99 / $47.83, (usually £367.00 / $462.06). The offer ends September 4th.

SSL and Harrison Consoles have teamed up to take care of your strings with these precisely engineered, industry-standard plugins. Each has been designed by passionate experts, with vast arrays of options to fine-tune your sound. This deal is available until 5th of September 2023, 08:59 BST.

SSL Guitarstrip

SSL Guitarstrip is your new go-to processor for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Providing 4 carefully tailored guitar processing modules, Guitarstrip is packed with useful tools for crafting the perfect guitar tone at both the pre-mix and mixing stages.

Featuring two classic analogue drive emulations – guitar amp and bass amp – Guitarstrip’s DRIVE module allows you to easily add overdrive and grit to your guitar and bass DIs, tame harshness, or electrify your acoustic guitar recordings. Use the BOOST, PUNCH, EDGE and SHAPE controls to sculpt the added harmonics, and the DRIVE MIX control to dial in anything from trashy distortion to subtle saturation.

Guitarstrip also provides a dedicated COMPRESSOR section with 5 preset response characteristics to quickly tame levels or add punch to your guitar tracks. Use the intuitive PHASE CORRECTION module to identify phase issues between multiple recordings and correct them using the DELAY, PHASE INVERT and ALLPASS filters. By setting the ALIGN TO mode. You can even repurpose the phase correction module delay as a quick-and-easy way to add stereo depth to a mono signal.

Features include:

  • 4 Carefully Tailored Guitar Processing Modules – Packed with useful tools for crafting the perfect guitar tone
  • Add Drive and Grit to DI Signals and Electrify your Acoustic Recordings – Two classic analogue tube amp drive emulations, including harmonic tone-shaping controls
  • Tame levels and Add Punch with the Compressor Module – Easily dial in one of the 5 preset compressor responses to tame levels and add punch
  • Intuitive Phase Correction – Fix phase issues between your guitar amp recording and pedalboard DI using the delay and allpass filter
  • Easy-to-Use 3-Band Channel EQ and Filter – Including an asymmetrical low gain control and automatic band auditioning

AVA Bass Flow

AVA-BF is a channel strip plugin designed for mixing bass. It contains 4 routable processing elements and a master section with input, output, and routing controls.

The elements included are:

  • Bass Character – A unique 2-band EQ that tracks the pitch of bass notes and allows for boosting or cutting the harmonics within the spectrum of the instrument.
  • Spectral Bass Compressor – A spectral compressor with 6 control bands that are perfectly suited to help with electric bass problems like fret buzz, amp/room resonances, and lack of clarity.
  • Equalizer – An intuitive 5-band EQ with 2 additional filter bands and a wide variety of band shapes.
  • Chorus – A creative effect that can be used to boost presence or to add motion to a bass signal.

Module Controls

The processing elements are separated into modules which can each be individually bypassed, soloed, and reset using the following controls on each module’s top bar. 

  • The Reset button resets all of a module’s parameters to their default states (not including RTA controls).
  • The Solo button bypasses all processing outside of the module being soloed except for master controls (polarity, input and output trim). This allows individual modules to be auditioned exclusively without hearing the effects of any of the other modules.
  • The In button toggles the enablement of each module. If disabled, a module’s processing is bypassed and its effects will not be heard.
  • Master Controls

The Master Control section at the bottom-right corner of the plugin window contains controls for switching input polarity, adjusting input & output trim, and setting the order of routing between elements. 

You can change the routing order by clicking and dragging a routing item to a new position. The arrows show the direction of signal flow from top to bottom. 

The “ear” icon buttons to the right of the routing items indicate Router Listen points. These buttons allow you to listen to specific positions along the signal chain by automatically bypassing all modules past the selected point in the routing order. 

The Solo/Listen Clear button at the bottom of the Master Control section clears any active Routing Listen point as well as any modules that are soloed. It will light up to indicate whenever either of these is currently active.

The bundle is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on the bundle, click here:

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