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There’s 75% Off PSP InfiniStrip By PSP Audioware

Plugin Boutique are offering 75% off PSP InfiniStrip by PSP Audioware for a limited time, now only £42.95 / $54.07, (usually £173.00 / $217.81). The offer ends September 3rd.

PSP InfiniStrip is an infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in based on PSP’s 20 years of experience in developing handcrafted plug-ins for tracking, mixing and mastering.

PSP InfiniStrip can be used for mixing, tracking, or live streaming/broadcasting anywhere you need a great sounding and easy to configure channel strip, without having to worry about latency!

PSP InfiniStrip is part of PSP’s series of Zero Latency Processing plug-ins; making it ideal for situations such as live monitoring, live broadcast production, and use while tracking.

Features include:

  • 25 independent processors divided into 8 types of modules (preamps, filters, compressors, equalisers, limiters, dynamic modules [expander, ducker and gate], control and special modules) to create your custom channel strip.
  • 7 dedicated “slots” for you to add one module from each type of processing modules, and 2 flexible insert slots for any module type.
  • Intelligent parameter matching – easily swap different compressors or EQs without touching a knob to find your preferred colour and flavour.
  • 3 different view modes (full, resizeable, and mini view mode) designed for different workflows and screen sizes.
  • External side-chain support for each module.
  • Includes both Mono and Stereo plug-in versions for different track types.
  • Zero latency processing.
  • Over 230 presets designed by top sound engineers from around the world.

PSP InfiniStrip is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX) and requires an iLok account.

For more information on PSP InfiniStrip, click here:

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