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United Plugins Release Plamen

United Plugins have released Plamen (pronounced plah-men), available at the intro price of €19.00, increasing to €89.00 after the promotion. The offer ends October 10th.

Plamen is a multi-band saturator that allows you to add different kinds of analogue saturation on each (adjustable) band and add a nice tape effect on the master on top.

Different frequency bands in audio can have varying levels of energy, and when you apply saturation uniformly across the entire spectrum, it can lead to an imbalanced sound. Plamen allows you to selectively add warmth and harmonics to five adjustable frequency ranges in different parallel levels, thereby achieving a more balanced and pleasing tonal character.

With Plamen, you can focus on specific elements in the mix, such as adding warmth and richness to the bass frequencies, adding harmonics to the midrange to make instruments cut through the mix, or adding sparkle to the high frequencies. This targeted enhancement helps individual elements stand out and contributes to a clearer mix.

Plamen can be used on vocals and single instrument tracks, but also on master tracks. It is an excellent tool for sound designers and producers looking to experiment and create unique sounds. By applying different saturation characteristics to different frequency bands with different dry/wet ratios, you can create interesting textures, harmonics, and timbres that may not be achievable with traditional saturation techniques.

Although Plamen has many knobs, applying saturation is very simple. Just choose the saturation type, dial the band’s input gain, choose the parallel amount of colour added (MOJO) and balance the band’s output volume. If you don’t get enough drive, use AGC Boost to add an extra 10dB to the band’s input.

Plamen offers a diverse range of five distinct saturation types for each band, allowing you to choose the perfect colour and character for your audio. Each band can use three classic analogue preamp types, simulation of tape saturation (Magnetic) or clipping (a style of saturation— or distortion — characteristic of many beloved types of AD-driven input).

In addition, you may add the overall Tape Wow effect, which represents a relatively slow form of flutter (pitch variation) that you may know from vintage tape recorders.

Four crossover points give you enough control of the frequencies you want to saturate. It is your choice what you consider subs, bass, low-mids, high-mids, and treble. The crossover works in two modes. You can switch between the Linear phase or the Analog 6dB/octave type.

Each frequency band can be soloed or muted (bypassed). This feature is to be used when you check the impact of a particular band, or you simply want to add saturation to selected bands only. You can use not only driving the input of the bands but also fully parallel Mojo or additional parallel Dry/Wet mix for the whole plugin! And this is all in the Linear phase!

Plamen goes above and beyond with its 2x, 4x, and 8x oversampling options, ensuring maximum precision and pristine audio quality. By oversampling your audio, you can eliminate unwanted artefacts and aliasing, leaving you with nothing but crystal-clear, professional-grade results.

Plamen is available to PC and MacOS users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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