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APD Offer 64% Off Couture By Auburn Sounds

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 64% off Couture by Auburn Sounds for a limited time, now only $9.00, (usually $25.34). The offer ends September 11th.

Couture by Auburn Sounds is a plugin that allows you to adjust the attack and sustain of your sounds, making them more punchy, smooth, or distorted, depending on your preferences.

Couture has two main features: a transient shaper and a saturation module. The transient shaper lets you enhance or reduce the transients of your sounds, making them more or less dynamic.

The saturation module lets you add harmonic distortion to your sounds, making them more warm, gritty, or aggressive. Each feature has its own unique sound and features, giving you endless possibilities for your musical creativity.

Couture by Auburn Sounds is a versatile and powerful plugin that can improve the quality and creativity of your music production. 

Couture is very versatile:

  • Make individual drum tracks a lot more dynamic and punchy
  • Remove the “click” out of a kick drum sample
  • Give life to inane lead synths and basses
  • Make a whole bus more or less dynamic in a single click
  • Give glue to a mix with light compression and saturation
  • Use a subtle saturation that preserve dynamics
  • Add attack then SMASH it with saturation all-in-one
  • Couture original point is to be independent from volume (including distortion). No gain staging required! leading to less chance of ruining your mix later.

Watch the demo HERE.

Couture is available to PC, Mac and Linux users (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and LV2).

For more information on Couture, click here:

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