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Acustica Audio’s Purple 3.5 Is Now Half Price!!

Acustica Audio are offering 50% off Purple 3.5 for a limited time, now only €99.00, (usually €199.00).

Simply put, Purple 3.5 is the most extensive collection of legendary passive equalizers on the market. It contains 7 different plugins, each sampled from an authentic vintage treasure of a machine, as well as modern re-issues of the same iconic designs.

The P-1 embodies what is arguably the most popular “Purple-stye” EQ design. Massive bass, silky air, and its incredible warmth are what made this processor a staple in studios all over the world. 

The Purple 3 P-AA was sampled from a passive equalizer clone built by a well-known Texan manufacturer. Tighter bass and a noticeably different feel in the higher frequencies make this unit a great alternative to the P-1 on more modern productions.

The Purple M5 is an emulation of a classic 3-band mono midrange equalizer. characterized by 2 boost bands and 1 dip band in the mids. Incredibly user-friendly, the M-5 is the ideal tool to fine-tune pretty much anything between 200Hz and 7kHz.

The Purple M-5V features the same controls as the M-5, but is characterized by a less pronounced high-cut roll-off, slightly different boost/attenuation levels for each band, and narrower fixed bandwidth control.

The lower peak band has a maximum gain of around 10dB, but that can vary depending on the frequency selected. The higher peak has a maximum setting of approximately 8dB. The mid attenuation varies between 10.5dB and 11.3dB. Little quirks like these clearly demonstrate how even the same models can vary from unit to unit, especially when it comes to vintage hardware. Our digital model is true to life, so as to give you an experience that as close to the original as possible.

The Purple3 H2 is a passive tube EQ renowned for its ability to boost and cut the low frequencies while simultaneously fattening up the bass in the mix. This processor is derived from a rare 2U single channel program EQ.

This simple yet powerful plugin completes the Purple3 passive EQ suite by adding a 12 dB/oct low cut and high cut filter, plus a preamp emulation derived directly from the Purple 3 P-1.

Don’t let its surprisingly simple operation fool you — this is an ideal tool for tonal sculpting, and for achieving special effects. If you need to remove hum and rumble (or hiss and distortion) with the minimum loss of content, this plugin is going to give you offers the most musical results possible. And by carefully selecting and adjusting the frequencies you want to modify, you can easily create effects like “telephone” voices, sounds that seem to come from outer space, and much more!

The The Ultimate Tube-Based Preamp Module is an intuitive plugin is a powerful addition to the Purple 3.5 suite. It features a complete preamplifier section with 5 preamps that were borrowed from the other standalone Purple plugins, then completely revised and sonically enhanced to add the depth and color that tubes bring to the mix.

Purple 3.5 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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