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MusicPutty By Autumn Rock Updated With New Features

Autumn Rock Software Development have updated MusicPutty. The ‘lite’ version of MusicPutty is still available as a free download, an in-app purchase unlocks full functionality.

What’s new in version 1.3:

  • Move Notes Horizontally
    • You can now move notes horizontally on the timeline to fix timing issues or re-arrange a melody.
    • The legato connection between two neighboring notes can now be detached when you move them apart on the timeline and re-attached when you put them back next to each other.
  • Copy/paste Notes
    • You can now copy and paste notes inside a vocal clip.
  • Delete Notes
    • You can now delete notes inside a vocal clip.
  • Vocal to MIDI
    • Projects can now be exported as MIDI files.
  • Improved Piano Roll UI
    • The keyboard and the position ruler now highlight the position of the notes currently selected by the user.
    • The minimum note value marked by the position ruler now scales as the user zooms in and out on the piano roll.
  • Unpitched Notes
    • Sections of audio that only contain low ambient noise now show up as unpitched notes on the piano roll.
  • Extend Vocal Clip
    • You can now extend the boundary of a vocal clip beyond its original length if you need more space to place your notes.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the undo of a clip’s deletion to fail in some instances.
    • Fixed a rare crash that happens when the zoom gesture is triggered on the piano roll right after the start of a multi-select gesture.

MusicPutty is an advanced vocal pitch editor designed for singers and music producers.

When recording vocals with MusicPutty, the app’s algorithm analyzes the pitch information of your vocal takes and gives you the ability to edit them note by note. You can use it to correct pitch issues or even change the original melody completely! You can also use the app’s copy/paste feature to create complex harmonies with ease.

Features include:

  • Advanced shifting algorithm that preserves the original vocal formants to give you the most natural-sounding results
  • Precise pitch detection that allows you to visualize the entire melody along with the subtle pitch variations within each note
  • Sophisticated shifting tool that intelligently preserves any legatos between the shifted notes and their neighbors
  • A handy note separation tool that allows you to combine or slice notes however you like
  • MusicPutty is also a multitrack recorder which makes it easy to create and layout your vocal harmonies

View the update demo HERE.

For more information on MusicPutty, click here:

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