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ToneBoosters Update TB Morphit With New Headphone Models

ToneBoosters have updated TB Morphit with new headphone models. The new models include:

  • Meze Empyrean, 66 Classics, 88 Classics, 99 Noir, 109 Pro, Elite;
  • Sennheiser IE800, IE900, Momentum 4
  • SoundMagic E10, E50C, HP100, HP200
  • AKG K52
  • B&W Px7 S2, Px8
  • Sony MDR-MV1
  • Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, 300, 600, 600 Gen 2, 700, 700 Gen 2
  • Amazon Echo Buds 3rd gen

ToneBoosters Morphit is a plugin for headphones correction and simulation and removes any unwanted coloration from your headphones!

Enable accurate monitoring and calibration, mix with studio reference equalization, and improve the accuracy of your headphones. Used and trusted by thousands of studios worldwide, and now available on your mobile device!

The ToneBoosters Morphit app captures the microphone (or external sound card) input and processes the signals in real time. To use it as a plugin, use a-compatible host app such as Steinberg Cubasis, Garageband, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio, Cubase, Logic Pro.

TB Morphit is available to PC, Mac and iOS users (VST, AU, AAX and AUv3).

For more information on TB Morphit, click here:

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