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ToneBoosters Updates IOS & Android Versions Of TB Flowtones

ToneBoosters have updated the iOS and Android versions of TB Flowtones with some new features and fixes. The desktop update will follow soon.

What’s new in version 1.5.1:

  • Fixed a keyboard focus issue with program drag and drop operations in the program organizer
  • Improved UX for manual entry of slider values
  • Make tooltips appear faster; increase font size
  • Modulation popup windows: add button to reset all modulation values to their default values
  • Fixed an issue in legato note handler in case many notes have a key-on state simultaneously while in monophonic mode
  • On-screen piano keyboard now supports channel pressure gestures (by dragging keys upwards) and legato slides
  • New sustain pedal ‘hold’ option by using double tap

Flowtones is a modern, unique-sounding virtual analog synthesizer with two parts featuring two analog-modelled voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) each. Each oscillator has an extensive feature set including pulsewidth and ringmodulation, subharmonic synthesis, noise and unison synthesis and a wide range of modulation options. Over 30 analog-modelled VCF filter types, pro-grade effects including a best-in-class formant filter, low-frequency oscillators and envelope generators provide a colourful palette to create a wide range of sounds. Use the intelligent randomizer to create new and unique sounds instantly in addition to the hundreds of categorized presets provided.

Thanks to it’s true VA synthesis engine, the use of analog-modelled non-linear filters and extensive modulation options, Flowtones sounds warmer and more analog than digital romplers and wavetable-based synths.

TB Flowtones comes as stand-alone app (with IAA support) as well as AUv3 plugin.

For more information on TB Flowtones, click here: 

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