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A Chunky Update For TB Lowtone By ToneBoosters

ToneBoosters have updated the iOS version of TB Lowtone with a number of new features and inprovements. The iOS version is currently available for $9.99. The desktop update will follow.

What’s new in version 1.1.1:

  • New multi-note arpeggiator!
  • Make VCF response graph interactive for dragging
  • Add VCO reset option upon key-on events
  • On-screen piano keyboard now supports channel pressure (drag keys up) and slide gestures
  • VCO note has new left-right micro edit drag mode for microscopic tuning edits
  • FX panel is now draggable
  • New option to modulate Punch amount with key-on velocity
  • New sustain pedal ‘hold’ option by double tap on sustain button
  • New presets!
  • Fixed an issue with legato note handler in certain edge cases
  • Fix an issue with modulation indicator lighting up when no modulation was present
  • Fixed a keyboard focus issue with program drag and drop operations
  • Improved UX for manual entry of slider values
  • Make tooltips appear faster with larger font

TB Lowtone is an innovative bass synthesizer plugin/app featuring three analog-simulated, voltage-controlled oscillators with a large variety of waveform algorithms, continuous pulse-width modulation (PWM), Frequency Modulation (FM) and oscillator hard sync, complemented by a voltage-controlled noise synthesizer, parameter modulation a re-designed non-linear voltage controlled filter.

TB Lowtone is the world’s first bass synthesizer featuring loudness-domain harmonic synthesis, creating deeper, more consistent and production-ready bass sounds compared to conventional synthesizers operating in the (linear) amplitude domain.

TB Lowtone also features a smart randomizer that generates new patches with a single click, and which learns from the patches you have already created to generate new, personalised patches.

Three re-designed voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) feature more than 30 aliasing-free waveform synthesis algorithms, ranging from conventional square and triangle waveforms, to complex, multi-pulsed signals with rich harmonic structures not commonly found in VA synthesizers.

Each VCO algorithm supports hard sync, continuous pulse-width modulation, frequency modulation, and can run with up to 12 unison voices. The VCOs are complemented with a voltage-controlled noise (VCN) synthesizer that can produce a range of noise types.

Spectral shaping is provided by a non-linear voltage-controlled filter (VCF) with 20 filter types, including dual, triple and quadruple resonance filters to provide full timbral control.

TB Lowtone provides two extended low-frequency oscillators (X-LFOs) featuring a wide range of waveforms. The LFOs can be beat and key synced, with a configurable onset delay and a specific number of cycles to run.

In addition, a conventional ADSR envelope with configurable onset delay is provided. To top if all off, a gate editor designed to quickly put together modern production modulation patterns is available as well to modulate a range of VCO, VCN and VCF parameters.

Reverb, chorus, and delay effects and a high-quality peak limiter are provided to produce production-ready sounds.

TB Lowtone comes with loads of presets, and a preset browser that allows for sorting, searching, and categorization. User patches and user libraries are cross-platform compatible, so you can share your favorite sounds across Windows, macOS and iOS.

A smart randomizer can create new presets with a single click. And more importantly, the more user patches you’ve created or imported, the more the randomizer will learn to create personalized suggestions!

About Loudness-domain synthesis

Loudness perception of tones and harmonics is known to be highly non-linear and intricately frequency and level dependent. Equal loudness contours, or Fletcher-Munson curves demonstrate this drastic effect for sine tones, which is especially relevant for low frequencies.

The loudness of a synthesizer bass note, and all its individual harmonics, will therefore depend strongly on what note you play on your synth’s keyboard.

To overcome the resulting inconsistencies in loudness and timbre, TB Lowtone features innovative, loudness-domain synthesis algorithms that adjust each harmonic individually to compensate for loudness deviations across frequency.

TB Lowtone is available to PC, Mac and iOS users (VST, AU, AAX and AUv3).

For more information on TB Lowtone, click here:

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