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HoRNet DeeLay Is FREE For Today Only!!

HoRNet Plugins are offering HoRNet DeeLay as a FREE download for today only (value €7.99).

The HoRNet DeeLay is a good sounding vintage digital dub delay, it’s capable of common delay duties and it’s also up to the most demanding creative tasks.

The vintage button gives the HoRNet DeeLay that typical early 90s sound where digital was still imperfect and with a character of its own.

The DeeLay can make endless feedback loops and changing the delay time changes the pitch of the buffer creating funny and interesting noises, the time parameter can be modulated with an LFO allowing the creation of futuristic wobbling sounds.

Since the delay is digital it has all the robotic artifacts of modulated digital delays instead of the smooth action of an analog emulated delay.

In the early 90s digital was still imperfect and many devices where limited yet still had a character. The HoRNet DeeLay incorporates that character, when the “vintage” button is turned on, using 12bit degradation of our high resolution recordings for its internal workings. Of course any digital device has an analog front end, so the “vintage” button also add saturation.

When the feedback is set to 100% the HoRNet DeeLay enters in an endless loop mode when the level of the delay never decays over time, this is especially useful if you want to create futuristic sounds changing the time parameter, because changing the time on a playing delay changes the pitch of the delay! Things get even funnier when you use the LFO to modulate the time, you don’t have to keep your feedback to 100%, just distort and repitch the delay and have fun.

Features include:

  • Delay time up to 5000ms
  • Sync mode from 1/16th to 1bar
  • Capable of endless delay generation
  • LFO from 0.1Hz to 10Hz
  • Time modulation
  • Vintage mode with 12bit ADC emulation
  • Feedback panning per channel
  • Output panning per channel
  • 15 factory presets

HoRNet DeeLay is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information and to download HoRNet DeeLay, click here:

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