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Sketch Audio Release Blip Box Drum Synth For IOS & MacOS

Sketch Audio have released Blip Box, a drum synth, available at the intro price of $3.99, increasing to $7.99 after the promotion. The offer ends September 9th.

Blip Box is a sixteen voice drum synthesizer that may look nice but can sound mean. Blip Box takes inspiration from a variety of synths, both analog and digital. We pulled together all the things we love about drum synthesis: complex frequency modulation, snappy envelopes, harsh effects; and put them together in a compact, touch-friendly package. The result is a truly unique digital sound engine that has taken on a life of its own.

Features include:

  • Focused, fun and characterful synth engine
  • Touch-first design, almost the entire screen is part of a control
  • Runs standalone or as AUv3 plugin
  • Universal purchase on Apple platforms: runs on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Presets synced across your devices via iCloud
  • Hook up a MIDI controller to play with a keyboard (optional)
  • Pure synthesis engine, no samples
  • Complex digital oscillator with two-way frequency modulation
  • White noise source
  • Two snappy AD envelopes with variable shape
  • Unique mix control for pure oscillator sound or ring mod mayhem
  • “Choose-your-own-adventure” effect: analog (ish) wavefolder or digital degradation
  • State variable filter for tone shaping
  • Envelopes can be routed to modulate oscillator shape, pitch, or filter cutoff
  • Mix to filter cutoff modulation available for crispy filter FM
  • Velocity responsive, either in traditional level (gain) mode or rare brightness mode
  • Multi-out mode available when running in AUv3 mode
  • Master tune for keeping tonal drum sounds in tune with your song

For more information on Blip Box, click here:

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