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Songzap Is Now FREE For A Limited Time

Songzap by RT Sixty Ltd, is now available as a FREE download for a limted time, (usually $9.99). The offer ends September 8th.

Songzap is The World’s First Pre-Production App for Songwriters, Musicians, Singers and MCs!

Songzap simplifies drum programming, multitrack recording, song arrangement and mixing, and brings these capabilities literally to a musician’s fingertips. It helps take the guesswork out of song development and enables artists to capture and expand their musical ideas. Songzap focuses on the creative aspects of songcraft and pre-production, helping songwriters to design and interact with beats, experiment with song structures, refine performance approaches, develop and reflect on recordings, and mix a high-quality demo that can be shared with others. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use Songzap – just a passion for making music!

Despite being so simple and intuitive, Songzap is also designed for helping experienced musicians, songwriters and MCs to become more prolific in creating and signing-off songs, harnessing creative inspiration and capturing ideas on the go. So if music is your thing, Songzap is for you!

Songzap is a one-time purchase app, there is no recurring subscription charge for using this app. You buy it, you own it. Our goal is to help people make more and better music and we aim to keep our app prices as low as possible to ensure all musicians can benefit!

Songzap is developed by musicians for musicians. You can learn more about the app developers and their creative work, and see examples of the app being put through its paces, over at the Songzap website.

For many songwriters, singers, MCs, instrumentalists, and musicians there is a discernible gap between ideas (inception) and the route to final production. The professional studio can seem an intimidating place, and the technology used to capture and create recordings impenetrable. We have developed Songzap with the intention of narrowing this gap.

Using our app you can approach song-making directly, from a variety of tried and tested starting points: by recording your voice and instruments using your phone’s onboard microphone; by putting a groove down first to guide your performance and develop ideas; by experimenting with different song structures and looping sections of a song; and by balancing your recordings and rhythmic elements with intuitive mixer functions. Then, you can export your song to share with the world, or export a folder with all your project assets (full-resolution mix, individual tracks, arrangement markers, lyrics, notes, and drum MIDI data) to bring into the studio for further development. You can also import recordings and bounce down tracks, for unlimited layering!

Features include:

  • Capture your vocals and instruments with Songzap’s multi-channel Tracking feature.
  • Use Songzap’s AI-powered Groove Designer for instant, expressive drum programming
  • Structure and finalise your songs with Songzap’s intuitive Arrange tool
  • Get creative and make your songs shine with Songzap’s powerful Mixer engine
  • Export your mixes, MIDI data and individual audio files to share with the world!
  • Powerful Drum Notation: allowing you to learn, generate and edit grooves.
  • Original Drum Kits sample library
  • Beat Pattern Presets: start with classic patterns to power your performance and jamming
  • Bounce and Import tracks: for unlimited tracking, jamming, collaboration and layering!

For more information and to download Songzap, click here:

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