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Alexy Nadzharov Has Released Ddtctmcc

Alexy Nadzharov has released ddtctmcc, a 2D Touch Control to MIDI Control Change app, available at the intro price of $5.99. There’s no confirmed promo end date.

2D Touch Control To MIDI Control Change

This is a touch control app that is designed to work with touch gestures and output MIDI Control Change messages.

This app is available as standalone version that can run in background and as an AUv3.

Features include:

  • 2D Touch Area where you can set 3 MIDI values (X, Y and Touch On / Off) that will be sent as MIDI CC messages
  • Two gesture recording modes: “Loop” and “Once”
  • In “Loop” mode the gesture is immediately repeated infinitely. You can restart it and change the direction of gesture loop
  • In “Once” mode the gesture is recorded silently and only played back later when “trigger” or “+pause” buttons are pressed.
  • Scene support. You can store all settings in a “scene” and switch between them. There is an option to set a transition time between scenes to morph loops.
  • Extended timing support. Start/stop and speed of the loop can also be recorded and played back. The recorded gesture loop can follow the host tempo when running in plugin mode.
  • Layers. Each instance of the app supports multiple output settings; scene switch is synchronised across all layers.

For more information on ddtctmcc, click here:

ddtctmcc is available to PC, Mac and iOS users (VST3, CLAP and AUv3).

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