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Quantovox Announce RealPhase – Coming Soon To IOS!!

Quantovox have announced the beta of RealPhase, a precise and authentic reproduction of an iconic phaser from the late 70’s / early 80’s. There’s no information on pricing and availability.

The plugin achieves the famous, characteristic analog feedback sound without any artificial whistling or standout resonances in the mid-low frequency ranges. Thus, it perfectly captures a key feature of the original hardware of creating incredibly smooth, balanced volume envelopes across the sweep range. This is a rare quality, missing even from modern reissues from the original hardware manufacturer.

The analog model is paired with modern features and a host of modulation options, including infinite rising/falling modes (as in Shepard’s tone), complex oscillators and multi-phaser setups. The sweep range itself can also be modulated, creating effects ranging from complex, slowly evolving soundscapes to highly rhythmic patterns. LFO phases can be set at multiple points, so patterns can be precisely aligned with the rhythms present in the mix.

For stereo inputs such as lush stereo synths or reverb-rich sounds, RealPhase opens up brand new ways of creating stereo phaser effects by adding a mid-side processing mode. Uniquely, based on True Pan’s lossless geometric algorithms, transitioning from L/R to M/S modes is possible on a continuous curve, allowing any setting in-between.

When used with bright, harmonic-rich sounds, RealPhase can also be viewed a powerful subtractive synthesis component in the toolchain.

The long-term vision for RealPhase includes turning it into a phaser anthology app, featuring models from multiple hardware phasers.

For more information on the Quantovox apps, click here:

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