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StringLab – Coming Soon From 4Pockets

4Pockets have announced the forthcoming release of StringLab, a plugin that generates stringed instrument sounds using white noise. There’s no confirmed information on pricing and availability however expect StringLab to land within the next couple of weeks.

StringLab is a physical string modelling synthesizer based on Karplus-Strong theory. It is capable of reproducing the sounds of many different types of instruments, but is especially useful in the reproduction of hammered or plucked strings and other types of percussive instruments. There are no oscillators or filters, StringLab is a unique instrument.

It works by passing carefully crafted waveforms and short bursts of white noise through a series of tuned delay lines. The delay lines have an internal feedback loop with a series of filters to mimic the natural decay of harmonics found in a real instrument. StringLab allows you to discover the character of real-world acoustics, exploring the physics of how materials interact. Many new and original textures are born out of experimenting with the settings, so don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own unique and dynamic instruments.

StringLab will be available to iPhone and iPad users with AUv3 support.

To watch the teaser video and gor more information on 4Pockets apps, click here:

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