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50% Off Century Tube Channel Strip + Other Universal Audio Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering 50% off Century Tube Channel Strip by Universal Audio for a limited time, now only £99.00 / $123.49, (usually £199.00 / $248.23). There are deals on other Universal Audio plugins too. The offers end September 25th.

With a vintage-inspired tube mic preamp, transparent dynamics control, and intuitively voiced EQ, the Century Tube Preamp plug‑in lets you stay in the creative zone while you record and mix, helping you capture inspiration with stunning results.

The Century Tube Channel Strip’s mic preamp will give your vocals the warmth and detail that only a tube mic pre can provide. The stunning range of tones, from subtle to saturated, will coax inspiring performances no matter the genre. Use the Low/High gain switch to match the Century’s Tube Preamp to your microphone, with the Low setting complementing more modern condensers, while the High position excels with dynamic and ribbon microphones.

Century Tube Channel Strip blurs the lines between analog and digital, giving you all of the important impedance, gain staging “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors of a vintage tube preamp, thanks to UA’s groundbreaking Unison technology. The secret is Unison’s bi‑directional control and communication from the Century Tube Channel Strip plug‑in to the digitally controlled mic preamps in Apollo.

With its intuitive, musically voiced, three-band EQ, the Century Tube Channel Strip is perfect for quickly bringing out the details in a breathy vocal, adding some punch to an overdriven electric guitar, or giving an acoustic rhythm guitar propulsive sizzle and shine.

Featuring a classic optical leveler, the Century Tube Channel Strip’s dynamics section takes the guesswork out of compression settings with a single knob. Quickly tame a dynamic vocal or bass performance, and add energy and harmonics to acoustic guitars or piano — all with a twist of a knob. The Century’s leveler can also compress as effect, adding grit and texture to keys and soft synths with character and vibe to spare.

Of course, the Century Tube Channel Strip plug‑in isn’t just for realtime recording with Apollo. You can also run it natively in your DAW and give your vocals, guitars, and synths, vintage‑inspired tone and character, without ever leaving the box.

Features include:

  • Use any audio interface, with both UAD Native and Apollo Realtime/UAD-2 versions included
  • Enhance and simplify your recording workflow with a first-pass tool designed for tracking vocals, guitars, synths and more
  • Stay in the creative zone and confidently record performances with a broad stroke, “do‑no‑harm,” tube channel strip
  • Easily flatter your tracks with a vintage-style tube mic preamp, simple three-band EQ, and optical compressor
  • Control Apollo interface mic preamp gain staging and impedance directly from the Century Tube Channel Strip plug-in via Unison™ technology

Versions included with your purchase:

  • UAD Native: Runs on your Mac or PC without any UA hardware
  • Apollo Realtime & UAD-2: Runs accelerated on Apollo interfaces and UAD-2 hardware

The Century Tube Channel Strip is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on the Century Tube Channel Strip and the other deals, click here:

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