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Izotope Release Nectar 4

Izotope have released Nectar 4 and as in previous versions, is available in 3 versions, Elements, Standard and Advanced. The intro prices are:

  • Elements – $39.00, increasing to $49.00
  • Standard – $149.00, increasing to $199.00
  • Advanced – $224.00 increasing to $299.00

What’s new in version 4:

  • Audiolens (Elements, Standard, Advanced) – Audiolens is compatible with Nectar 4, allowing you to tone-match any vocal sound. Separate the vocal from your reference track and gain valuable information to create a starting point for your mix.
  • Voices (Standard, Advanced) – Instant, easy vocal layers: the Voices module gives you the ability to create complicated layers for your vocal production without needing to learn voice-leading and harmonic motion. Find a preset similar to your desired sound, then tweak it to your liking.
  • ALM (Advanced) – ALM (Auto Level module) is an intelligent and transparent alternative to compressors. Placed at the start of your signal chain, it acts like a recording engineer, effortlessly managing vocal levels. ALM provides consistent volume levels without introducing unwanted artifacts like traditional compressors, giving you a clean and natural sound.
  • Backer (Standard, Advanced) – With the Backer module, you can now create background singers that sit behind your main vocal. Pick from eight different styles or import your own acapella to further customize your sound. Finish up a demo with different flavors of vocalists, creatively destroy ad-lib tracks, or create something new altogether.
  • 13 component plugins (Advanced) – Nectar Advanced comes with a powerful suite of brand-new plugins. Integrate the power of Nectar into your DAW template and build your own custom chains for every vocal in your production.
  • Vocal Assistant page (All versions) – Vocal Assistant now provides a broad interface for making simple and helpful decisions for your vocal production without getting lost in the details of vocal mixing.

Nectar 4 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Nectar 4 and to compare prices, click here:

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