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Abstract Afro House – Recently Added To Loopmasters & Loopcloud

Loopmasters and Loopcloud have announced the recent addition of Abstract Afro House by Loopmasters.

Presenting Abstract Afro House – an enchanting sample pack brought to you by Loopmasters that takes you on a rhythmic odyssey deep into the essence of Afro House music. Set at a vibrant 122 BPM, this collection masterfully fuses the realms of tradition and innovation, resulting in a seamless and captivating musical experience.

The content within Abstract Afro House is designed to immerse you in a world of intricate and rhythmically complex elements. At its core are synth and sub bass lines that have been designed to blend diverse rhythms, syncopations, and off-beat patterns. These elements come together to create dynamic and polyrhythmic sensations that are quintessential to the genre.

Of course, no Afro House track would be complete without the heartbeat of the sound: the drum beats. This pack offers a set of drum beats that effortlessly blend African percussion with electronic elements. As an added bonus, you’ll find various mixed percussion instruments, including bongos, congas, dunbek, dunun, shakers, shekere, timbale, tambourines, wood percussion, and mixed percussion. This rich compilation goes beyond rhythms, incorporating a selection of effects such as impacts, noise, and risers, which serve to infuse an added layer of depth and dimension to your compositions.

Abstract Afro House offers a rich and diverse range of melodic content as well. It encompasses everything from resonant tones of West African stringed instruments such as the Kora and Ngoni, to the velvety textures of lush synthesizers and intricate synthesized sequences. However, the variety doesn’t stop there. Within this collection, you’ll also discover a captivating array of sounds, including organs, marimbas, electronic keyboards, saxophones, and an assortment of mallet instruments.

Adding to its richness, the pack is generously filled with the soulful essence of male African vocals. These vocals not only bring an authentic touch to your creations but also showcase a wide spectrum of techniques that are characteristic of the Afro House genre. Among these techniques are the evocative call-and-response patterns and the infectious rhythmic arrangements that define the genre’s distinctive vibe.

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What’s included:

  • 782MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 89 Percussion Loops
  • 77 Synth Loops
  • 60 Vocal Loops
  • 42 Bass Loops
  • 27 Fx Loops
  • 26 Drum Loops
  • 25 Top Drum Loops
  • 9 Mallet Loops
  • 7 String Loops
  • 5 Keys Loops
  • 3 Hat Loops
  • 2 Sax Loops
  • 2 Tom Loops
  • 40 perc Hits
  • 39 Drum Hits
  • 25 Synth Hits
  • 19 Fx
  • 10 Bass Hits
  • 8 Vocals

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