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ADSR are offering a FREE copy of REFERENCE 2 when you buy FUSER, both by Mastering the Mix for a limited time. Save 53%, now only £56.80, (usually £120.34). The offer ends October 4th.


FUSER is the ultimate solution for creating sonic clarity in messy mixes.

FUSER resolves conflicting channels by assisting you in adjusting volume balance, enhancing phase optimization, and implementing intelligent mid-side sidechain ducking

With FUSER’s smart ‘Conflict Detection’ and groundbreaking ‘Resolve Conflicts’ feature, you’ll effortlessly find a great starting point to fix those audio clashes without overdoing it.

Features include:

  • Clear Sound, Simplified: FUSER swiftly and transparently resolves conflicting audio sources for a defined mix.
  • Sonic Clarity Redefined: Conquer mix complexities with FUSER’s multi-angle approach – volume balance, phase optimization, and smart side-chain ducking.
  • Intelligent Fixing: Experience effortless conflict resolution with FUSER’s “Resolve Conflicts” feature – your personal mixing engineer in a plugin.
  • Elevate Every Element: From kick and bass balance to guitars and vocals, FUSER crafts space for standout sounds, ensuring your mix’s focal point shines.
  • Effortless Start: Set up FUSER easily; resolve clashes by adding it as the final plugin in your chain, then sidechain your focal channel.
  • Visual Precision: FUSER’s intuitive interface offers visual clarity through mid-side conflict hotspots, guiding you to make the best decisions.
  • Take Control: Dial in the ideal settings with manual node creation, fine-tuning parameters for a tight and controlled sound.
  • Perfect Layering: FUSER’s Phase Analyze feature automatically identifies and sets the optimal phase rotation ensuring minimal phase cancellation when layering similar sounds such as kicks and basses. 
  • Achieve Balance: The input gain level match pointer ensures impeccable relative volume balance, a crucial step for your mix’s success.


Get closer than ever to the sound of your favourite mixes.

Ever felt your mix didn’t sound as good as your reference tracks? It can be frustrating not knowing exactly how to get your music comparable to your favourite mixes. That’s why Mastering The Mix created REFERENCE 2.

It’s packed with powerful tools and never seen before insights to help you get closer than ever to the sound of your favourite music.

Features include:

  • Compare your mix or master to up to 12 reference tracks and create multiple loops so you can quickly compare various sections of your track to your reference.
  • Instantly and accurately match the loudness of your track and your references. This is crucial for a fair comparison and for making informed decisions on how to shape your sound.
  • Visual and actionable insights to make matching the true peak, loudness, EQ balance, punch, and stereo width of your reference tracks easier than ever. 
  • Includes an additional source plugin called REFSEND that allows you to bypass entire FX chains to make loudness-matched A/B comparisons.

Both plugins are available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

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