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Sonora Cinematic Release Fieldworks Volume 1

Sonora Cinematic have released Fieldworks Volume 1, a series of field recordings, the sound of the outside, available for £10.00. If you already own Harmonic Bloom you can get Fieldworks for just £5.00.

Experience the extraordinary with Fieldworks Volume 1 – a diverse and versatile collection of raw and processed royalty free experimental field recordings that you can drag and drop in to Harmonic Bloom, our creative sound design environment. Don’t own Harmonic Bloom? No problem! You can also use these sounds freely in your own musical and sound design ventures.

From the mesmerizing sound of bath bombs dissolving in water meticulously captured through a pair of high quality hydrophones to earth movements captured via a geophone (a sensor designed to respond to ground vibrations generated by seismic waves and adjusted for field recording purposes), Fieldworks Vol 1 is packed with extraordinary sonic textures to add interest to your music.

Recorded at 192 kHz and 32 bit floating, and delivered in both 192 kHz 24 bit and 48 kHz 24 bit wav files, Fieldworks can be stretched, pitch-shifted and mangled as you please for a unique auditory experience.

Fieldworks follows UCS (Universal Category System) guidelines and includes full embedded metadata enabling effortless searching across popular platforms like Soundminer, Basehead and other SFX search engines.

Watch the overview HERE.

For more information on Fieldworks, click here:

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