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Puremagnetik Release Taska

Puremagnetik have released Taska, a modulation control board, and can be purchased as part of Puremagnetik’s monthly or yearly plan and get new devices each month – $9.00 pet month or annually for $89.00.

From subtle overdriven shimmers to wildly modulating phasers, Taska is a control center for generating a trove of inspiring sound sculpting effects. At its heart is a finely tuned, musical distortion circuit, a band-pass filter and a broadband tremolo. These can be routed and activated in a number of ways to completely animate and mold the input audio into something new and alive.

Taska Controls:

  • EDGE — Controls overdrive amount
  • SECTION — Adjusts Bandpass frequency range
  • POINT — Adjusts bandpass frequency width
  • FAZE — Control vibration amount
  • FAZE RATE — Controls vibration rate
  • MOD FREQ — Amplitude modulation rate
  • MOD SCALE — Amplitude modulation amount
  • MOD MIX — Overall mix of amplitude modulation
  • SPACE — Algorithmic reverb send
  • TRAIL — Algorithmic reverb size
  • ROOM — Algorithmic reverb room toneMinimum Requirements

See it in action HERE.

Taska is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3 and AU).

For more information on Pianoverse, click here:

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