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ADSR Release Hip Hop & Drill Legends – A Hexcel Expansion

ADSR have released the Hip Hop & Drill Legends Hexcel expansion, available at the intro price of £14.41, (usually £18.25). The offer ends September 22nd.

Introducing Hip Hop & Drill, a bangin’ expansion pack for ADSR Hexcel, ADSR’s unstoppable harmonic table-based generative MIDI sequencer. Beats that hit hard, rhythms that never quit, and melodies that grab your soul are just some of the element that make Hip Hop & Drill the perfect genre for Hexcel.

Hip Hop & Drill draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic anthems, pushing Hexcel’s parameters to the max and granting you the creative authority to innovate and energize the urban music scene. Featuring 50 generative presets for melodies and chords that deliver straight fire and inspiration for your tracks.

Each preset maxes out Hexcel’s capabilities delivering instant juice. Route them with your favorite synth and play them as-is or jump off to explore and create new sonic landscapes that will get listeners hooked on your vibe and flow. This pack was designed to take your music further, faster and harder than ever before so jump on this train and let’s make music!

Hey… Would you like a bonus with that?
To complement the presets and really get your track moving, we’ve also created an exclusive bonus kit for ADSR Drum Machine! Featuring 16 original samples mapped, processed and programmed with a killer pattern to get your track pumping. We’ve even included bonus samples for you to switch out or use however you like.

What’s included:

  • 50 Generative Presets
    • 25 x Melody presets
    • 25 x Chord presets
  • + 5 x Bonus Presets!

Drum Machine Bonus Kit

  • 16 samples mapped to a pad + 6 bonus samples
  • Each pad processed and programmed with a 4-16 bar pattern
  • Samples & Patterns provided are Royalty Free for use in your musical productions

For more information on Hip Hop & Drill Legends expansion, click here:

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