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Foil Imprints Release Analog 999

Foil Imprints have released Analog 999, a sample pack conceived using the powerful JoMoX 999 analog drum machine as its source, available for $5.00.

These sounds hit hard — full of analog grit — cutting through a mix while also showcasing percussive nuance. The pack explores the best of the drum machine, featuring a comprehensive collection of staples including kits, (16 samples each), kicks, snares, hi-hats, rim shots, claps, percussion, and FX hits. These range from subtle to brutal and work well in a variety of genera’s from hip hop to techno.

This pack is excels at creating powerful punchy beats and nuanced analog electronic percussion.

What’s included:

  • 17 Unique kits (16 Samples in each kit) including a variety of flavors of raw analog drums, bit crunched samples, vintage spring reverbs, tape delays, analog saturation, hardware compression, modular effects, and tape kits.
  • 3 Tuned Bass Drum Kits (Ranging in saturation)
  • 9 Drum Instrument Kits (Featuring 16 varieties of Kick, Claps, FX, Rims, Snares, and High Hats)
  • The Ableton instruments feature 8 macros which include basic functions that you’ll likely want to tweak such as tune, decay & release, low pass filter, delay dry/wet, pitch envelop amount, and volume
  • The macros function for each individual drum sample in the drum rack, giving you a detailed level of control and sonic range with your kit
  • 14 Unique kits
  • 3 Tuned Bass Drum Kits
  • 30 Claps
  • 64 Hi Hats
  • 64 Kicks
  • 16 Percussive FX
  • 30 Rim Shots
  • 30 Snares
  • 48 Toms

Watchnthe demo HERE.

For more information on Analog 999, click here:

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