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MiniBit – AudioThing’s 8bit Synth – Coming Soon To IOS

AudioThing will soon be unleashing miniBit to the iOS platform (currently desktop only). There’s no confirmed information on pricing and availability however it should land within the next 7-10 days if beta testing goes to plan.

miniBit is an 8-bit/chiptune style synthesizer plugin that emulates the sound of 80s game consoles and retro computers. It features a main oscillator with 18 waveforms paired with a sub oscillator (a square wave pitched one octave below).

The waveforms are not bandlimited and will produce aliasing. Furthermore, using the built-in bitcrusher, you can create even more noisy and retro sounds.

miniBit also features a synced 8 Steps Stepper/Sequencer with multiple destinations. From noisy, snare-like steps to ambient subs, miniBit has many uses beyond what one expects from a chiptune synth.

Watch the desktop version in action HERE.

For more information on the current AudioThing iOS range, click here:

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