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Nilson Ltd Release Bar Sequencer – A FREE Download

Nilson Ltd, the developer behind A2M, the real-time audio to MIDI app has released Bar Sequencer, an app to craft exceptional beats with a seamless blend of metronome and sequencer power. Bar Sequencer is available as a FREE download with two optional in-app purchases which unlock:

  • Essential Sound Library – $4.99
  • AUv3 MIDI FX – $4.99

Craft exceptional beats with a seamless blend of metronome and sequencer power.

Unleash your creativity with a unique fusion of simplicity and versatility.

Available as a standalone app and an AUv3 plugin for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, Bar Sequencer presents a unique fusion of metronome aesthetics and sequencer capabilities.

Bar Sequencer marries the simplicity of a metronome with the versatility of a sequencer, creating an unparalleled music creation experience. This compact tool packs a punch by allowing you to effortlessly craft intricate sequences, including polyrhythms and polymeters, all within a minimalist interface.

Bar Sequencer isn’t your typical step-sequencer or piano-roll tool. Instead, it employs a blend of proven concepts, combining several patterns in a way that’s both innovative and intuitive. Despite its straightforward appearance, Bar Sequencer incorporates smart design choices to enable easy creation of even complex sequences.

Features include:

  • One Bar, Limitless Possibilities: The app focuses on displaying a single bar at a time, while allowing you to add an unlimited number of bars to your sequence. Each bar can have a distinct meter and beat division, opening doors to diverse rhythms.
  • Individual segments correspond to specific music notes or sounds. Adjusting segments’ attributes is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface.
  • Multi-Track Magic: Craft your compositions by adding tracks without constraints. Each track corresponds to a MIDI channel, driving various patches or instruments.
  • Global Tempo Control: While each track operates independently, the tempo remains consistent throughout the entire project. You can choose to sync with your host application or maintain an independent tempo.
  • Expansive Sound Library: The standalone version features a built-in library of essential sounds. In contrast, the AUv3 plugin serves as a MIDI processor, interacting seamlessly with a wide range of third-party instruments.

Bar Sequencer’s current version is just the beginning. The application’s potential is poised to expand, with a roadmap featuring an array of ambitious features. These include humanization options, swing adjustments, MIDI file export, and much more.

Embark on a journey of rhythm and innovation with Bar Sequencer. Whether you’re a rhythm enthusiast or a seasoned composer, this application empowers you to create exceptional grooves and intricate sequences effortlessly. Start crafting your musical journey today and witness the evolution of beat making.

For more information and to download Bar Sequencer, click here:

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