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Daybreak Lo-Fi – Recently Added To Loopmasters & Loopcloud

Loopmasters and Loopcloud have announced the recent addition of Daybreak Lo-Fi by Loopmasters.

Let the mellow tones of Daybreak Lofi by Loopmasters wash over you, setting the perfect mood for your next Lo-Fi masterpiece. With access to these high-quality, royalty-free samples, your next chart-topper is within easy reach. These loops encompass a range of tempos of 60-95 BPM, making them a perfect fit for your Lo-Fi Hip-Hop compositions. However, with your creative touch, they have the potential to enhance a variety of different projects.

Daybreak Lofi is designed to help you create the perfect vibe for your music. It incorporates a rich blend of elements to construct a deeply immersive and chill atmosphere. With smooth electric bass guitars harmoniously paired with the laid-back hip-hop beats found in the drum loops and accompanying hat loops, you’ll find the essential building blocks for your chilled-out soundscape. This extensive collection also holds a diverse selection of percussion instruments, including shakers and bongos, as well as captivating atmospheres and textures to paint your sonic canvas. To add that extra layer for a signature grainy texture that defines Lo-Fi music, unique found sounds like soothing birds and rain sticks are included within this sample pack.

Additionally, Daybreak Lofi is prepared to fill your productions with the emotive nostalgia that sets Lo-Fi music apart with the melodic content provided. You’ll find a captivating assortment of instruments: acoustic and electric guitars to evoke warmth, pianos and electric keyboards for harmonic richness, delicate bells to add a touch of magic, synthesizers for sonic experimentation, and even vibraphones to bring a dreamy quality to your compositions. These instruments are ready to transform your music and give it the character and depth it deserves. 

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What’s included:

  • 563MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 33 Drum Loops
  • 27 Bass Loops
  • 21 Instrument Combi Loops
  • 17 Keys Loops
  • 14 Hat Loops
  • 11 Synth Loops
  • 8 Revers Inst Loops
  • 6 Music Box Loops
  • 6 Perc Loops
  • 5 Guitar Loops
  • 1 Atmosphere Loop
  • 1 Vibraphone Loop
  • 101 Drum Hits
  • 50 Instrument Hits
  • 40 Percussion Hits
  • 13 Bass Hits
  • 8 Atmospheres
  • 6 Foley Hits

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