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Pulsar Audio Release PULSAR W495 – FREE For A Limited Time

Pulsar Audio have released the PULSAR W495, an accurate emulation of the Neumann w495 3-band EQ, available as a FREE download for a limited time, increasing to $49.00 after the promotion. The offer ends October 31st.

Neumann w495 EQ’s were used to master 90% of the vinyl records manufactured from the 1970s to the 1990s. But even after this golden age, many mastering engineers still love this EQ. Why? Because the W495 has wide equalization curves that can be pushed to ridiculous levels while remaining musical. The W495 is an easy-to-use tone shaper for individual tracks. But It can also enhance presence and depth of an entire mix.

But we’ve taken Pulsar W495 even further, adding all the key features you would expect from a modern EQ plugin, including visual curve editing for a fast workflow. From channel EQ to mastering EQ, Pulsar w495 is and wasy-to-use powerful tone shaper, faithfully emulated from an iconic 3 band EQ.

Creativity is all about workflow, getting the right sound in a few clicks is the key to staying creative during a session. Pulsar w495 is the perfect tool to help make quick mix decisions without overthinking things.

Speaking about workflow, Pulsar w495 comes with a complete on-screen curve editor and spectrum analyzer to give you an accurate overview of your EQ changes. Mix by ear, with the eyes, or both, the choice is yours. 

Pulsar w495 is a component-accurate model of the original unit. From the subtle band saturations to the sounding-unique output transformers, every aspect of the original unit is preserved for the plugin version. The high-shelf band is widely recognized for its ability to enhance clarity without any harshness, while the low-shift adds weight without sounding muddy. Where a source misses power, the mid-band can be a go-to for enhancing energy.

Pulsar w495’s offers per-band Mid/Side routing options. Remove medium frequencies on the side only to focus energy on the center of the stereo image. Add a bass boost to centered low frequencies only with a low-shelf Mid boost for a solid low end. Enhance high-end for a sheeny stereo signal by pushing the transparent high-shelf in Sides only.

With its clever utilization of modern CPUs, Pulsar w495 ensures a lightweight footprint while delivering powerful audio algorithms. The resizable interface, comprehensive metering and wise choice of modern features make Pulsar w495 a go-to EQ.

Watch the trailer HERE.

The PULSAR W495 is available to PC nd Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information and to download the PULSAR W495, click here:

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