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SoundBetter Release Butterfly Effect

SoundBetter have released Butterfly Effect, an ambient reverb plugin, available at the intro price of $74.00, increasing to $149.00 after the promotion.

Butterfly Effect is an ambient sound design plugin that creates beautiful pads from melodic instruments.

Butterfly Effect reacts to what you are playing, slowly & continually evolving, like a foggy memory, adding a trail of familiarity to the whole track, blurring time. 

Add evolving mood to sparse piano arrangements, drive overtones and cinematic sweeps from synth pads or strings, add crystal shimmer soundscapes to keyboards and clean guitars, or reimagine your tracks underwater.

Features include:

  • Musical & thoughtful Sound Design features including:
  • Three high-quality ambient reverb engines
  • Reverse grains
  • Shimmer & crystals
  • Infinite Blur & Space
  • Unique, slow Blur buildup
  • Time-synced or midi controlled slow-motion sweeps
  • Playable overtones in the key of the track
  • Time-synced ducking & external sidechain to clear room in the mix
  • 8-bit distortion & saturation
  • Tape wow, flutter & modulation
  • Width control for expansive spaces or distant directional tails
  • Musical presets for atmospheric results

Butterfly Effect is available to PC and Mac users (VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on Butterfly Effect, click here:

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