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DrumMapMidi Is FREE For A Limited Time

Malcolm Mugglin has made DrumMapMidi available as a FREE download for a limited time, (usually $9.99).

DrumMapMidi makes it easy to play basic drum patterns and fills, using just one or two fingers, while sending the midi information to other drum apps.

DrumMapMidi is designed to make it easy to tap out basic drum patterns and send the midi information to other General Midi drum kits in other apps.

DrumMapMidi accomplishes this by assigning more than one sound to specific buttons. Here are two examples.

Example 1: The simple pattern “Hi-Hat and Bass Drum / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat and Snare / Hi-Hat” can be played with just one finger in DrumMapMidi because the Hi-Hat and Bass Drum are assigned to one button, the Hi-Hat to a second button, and the Hi-Hat and Snare to a third button.

Example 2: The basic 16th-note pattern “Hi-Hat and Bass Drum / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat and Snare / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat / Hi-Hat” can be played with two fingers on four buttons, because a second Hi-Hat button has been added to the three buttons mentioned in Example 1. When the right hand taps the pattern in Example 1, and the left hand plays the second Hi-Hat button in-between each right hand hit, the 16th-note pattern is played easily.

DrumMapMidi loads one set of audio samples, which allows you to play right away if you only have a minute or two, but the main idea is to play General Midi drum kits in other apps.

Midi setup instructions are found on the Info screen and at the support website.

For more information and to download DrumMapMidi, click here:

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