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ToyBox AKA David Alexander Releases Thump One – FREE For MacOS Users

Toybox have released Thump One, a wavetable synthesizer, perfect for creating Kick drums, 808 basses and more, available as a FREE download for desktop users, $3.99 for iOS users.

Thump One is an easy to use musical synthesiser with a fun glitchy ‘wavetable’ engine and a bank of flexible multi-segment envelopes to shape the sound in any direction you desire. Perfect for powerful kick drums, huge club basses and soaring leads.

The synthesiser features two powerful engines that can be layered together for a variety of complex sounds and textures. The ‘Kick’ engine features a great sounding ‘wavetable’ oscillator, with a set of wavetables created from a selection of clean and processed analog kick drum sounds. The ‘Kick’ engine has a high quality saturation and filtering circuit plus an additional ‘Buzz’ circuit to add a buzzy ‘broken speaker cone’ effect.

The second engine, ‘Layer’ uses an accurate model of the ‘supersaw’ oscillator found in the Roland JP8000 synthesiser, this oscillator has a selection of operating ‘modes’ that configure the oscillator to play in intervals and adds various amounts of modulation to create noisy, retro synth sounds, fuzzy glitches or just plain noise.

Features include:

  • Standalone iPad app & iOS AUv3 plugin
  • 150 presets included from professional sound designers for everything from thunderous sub bases to raucous acid leads
  • State-of-the-art DSP design
  • Flexible envelopes, one for each major parameter with a unique ‘automatic curve’ feature to quickly dial in the exact shape you need
  • Easy to use, intuitive layout with a modern twist
  • Monophonic

Watch Doug’s overview HERE.

Thump One is available to MacOS and iOS users (VST3, AU and AUv3).

For more information on Thump One, click here:

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