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Rigid Audio’s Interference Now Available At Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique are offering 66% off Interference by Rigid Audio for a limited time, now only £49.00 / $60.71, (usually £145.00 / $179.66). The offer ends October 4th.

Rigid Audio has released Interference, a “next generation Drum- and Loopsequencer” for the free Kontakt Player, that can be used to create all sort of inspirational backing grooves, cinematic underscores and creative musical phrases. It comes with 256 factory presets.

Interference is based on four timestretching loop-engines and four drum- and percussion parts, which can be programmed, played and mixed all individually. It comes with two times 400 categorized loops that you can randomize and around 1130 drum, percussion- and noise sounds. Each engine in Interference has a comprehensive set of editing tools, including control over basic things like pitch, pan and volume as well as more creative elements like filters, delay-based effects and three send-effects including a unique so-called “disturb”-effect.

Each engine in Interference can be altered and modulated via seperate modulation tables with around 43 modulation targets at the same time. Also, an Arpeggiator with four different harmonizing modes and free step lengths for each note can be used to vary loops in interesting ways. It is also possible to modulate any parameter externally using the modulation wheel – a dedicated mapping sub page allows for detailed finetuning of the start- and end ranges of each modulation assignment separately.

Furthermore, Interference features three dedicated pages for editing: A main-page where the user has a quick overview of what is going on, a more detailed edit page for access to all parameters and an options page for per-preset preferences.

Interference requires a free or full version of Kontakt 7 or later.

For more information on Interference and to compare prices, click here: 

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