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Isotonik Studios Release Loop Flip

Isotonik Studios have released Loop Flip, a loop manipulator, available for only £12.00.

Loop Flip is a Max for Live device designed for loop manipulation in Ableton Live’s arrangement view. It allows you to load up to 64 loops in the Session View, and then randomise various parameters to generate new, unique grooves directly on the Arrangement View’s timeline.

You can use audio as well as midi loops of any length. The device randomly selects clips, alters start markers, and employs rhythmic algorithms. The result is a blend of your original loops into new musical patterns.

When adding the Loop Flip Device to a Live set, it recognises any loops that are in the top 8 clip slots in the session view, for up to 8 tracks. Loop Flip will add the first 8 (or less) tracks that contain any clips in the top most 8 clip slots.

The device allows you to generate new grooves from a pool of loops by randomly selecting segments of the loops and arranging them into rhythmic patterns in the Arrangement View. This offers a quick workflow for discovering ideas that seamlessly integrate with Live’s environment, including the use of effects and further editing.

Features include:

  • Rhythm Modifications
  • Rotate the rhythm
  • Add swing to the actual placement of the loops
  • Halftime setting for changing how the pattern relates to the global tempo
  • Supports Audio and Midi loops

Loop Flip requires Ableton Live 11 Suite or Ableton Live 11 Standard with MaxforLive.

For more information on Loop Flip, click here:

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