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ViatorDSP Release Radiant Q – A FREE Download

ViatorDSP have released Radiant Q, a tube-sim EQ, available as a FREE download.

Elevate your audio production game with Radiant Q, an exquisite plugin that pays homage to the legendary tube-based equalizers of the bygone era. Immerse your tracks in warmth, character, and vintage charm as you rediscover the magic of classic analog sound.

Features include:

  • Vintage Tube Elegance: Radiant Q encapsulates the unmistakable warmth and richness of vintage tube hardware, offering an authentic analog experience that infuses your audio with soulful character and depth.
  • Musical Precision: Craft your audio with finesse using Radiant Q’s finely tuned EQ curves. This plugin brings a gentle, musical touch to your sound shaping, ensuring that your tracks maintain their natural essence while allowing you to sculpt and enhance them with precision.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Radiant Q’s user-friendly interface is designed for effortless operation. Its intuitive controls empower both seasoned professionals and newcomers to harness the power of vintage EQ with ease.
  • Limitless Creativity: Whether you’re sweetening vocals, adding warmth to instruments, or sculpting your mix, Radiant Q is your creative companion. Its versatility spans across genres, making it an essential tool for any music producer or audio engineer.
  • Time-Tested Excellence: Inspired by the classics but offering modern convenience, Radiant Q embodies the best of both worlds. It’s your gateway to the time-tested excellence of vintage tube EQ without compromise.

Radiant Q is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information and to download Radiant Q, click here:

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