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BeepStreet Have Updated Drambo

BeepStreet have updated Drambo, their highly popular and successful ‘groovebox’. Drambo is currently available for $19.99 with optional in-app purchases.

What’s new in version 2.25:

  • Added – A piano roll side keyboard (optional)
  • Fixed – Problems with importing some MIDI files.
  • Fixed – New modules were not visible under Tags section in library browser.
  • Fixed – MIDI mapped tap tempo wasn’t working until you open tempo window.
  • Fixed – Crash after exporting presets on iPhone.
  • Fixed – Flexi sampler: Current samples folder was not preserved, when sample was removed by swipe down gesture.
  • Fixed – Flex samokeri: keep settings between sample load. Disable autorecognize sample.
  • Fixed – Waveform view: sometimes loop end marker was not visible.

Drambo is an innovative modular groovebox and audio processing environment. Modular components are used to build synthesized and sample based instruments or audio effects using high-quality DSP and audio-rate modulation. Tied to a powerful sequencer, it’s an optimal music creation tool for sound design, composition, performance and experimentation.

At the heart of Drambo lies an entirely new concept that makes modular creations easy, fun and affordable. Modules are connected automatically, with no cables as you add or rearrange them. A dynamic interface creates modulation knobs when you need them. Modules may house other modules, so you can keep your patch well organized. Of course, automatic connections can be overridden. In Drambo you can focus on playing with sound and signal structure without getting lost in wires.

Use a deep and innovative sequencer to compose patterns and whole tracks, for production or live performance. Go beyond simple looping sequences with parameter locking, conditional step components, parameters automation and powerful scene morphing. Drambo works equally well as a self-contained standalone app or audio unit plugin with audio and MIDI connectivity as an AUV3 instrument, audio effect and MIDI effect. No modular experience necessary to get started playing with preset sounds and effects.

For more information on Drambo 2, click here:

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