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Node Audio Release Entonal Studio For IOS

Node Audio have released Entonal Studio to iOS (previously a desktop only), available for $9.99.

Entonal Studio is a micro-tonal MIFI tuning app which allows you to break free of the constraints of 12 Tone Equal Temperament. Explore the world of alternative tuning. Tune into your unique sound.

Entonal Studio transforms your favourite synthesizers into microtonal instruments.

Features include:

    • Easily retune scale notes by colour and angular position
    • Drag notes or have them snap to ratios
    • View relative intervals between two or more held notes
    • Make any synth or virtual instrument microtonal
    • Retune using MIDI or MPE pitchbend messages
    • Hosts: AUv3 instruments
    • Runs as: MIDI effect or standalone
    • Access a bank of common tunings and useful starting points
    • From Just Intonation through 53-EDO and far beyond
    • Export and Import custom scales – either your own or other users
    • Enter note values as cents, ratios, EDO degrees or mathematical expressions
    • Add or remove notes in a snap
    • Modify octave value in cents or as a ratio
    • Generate new scales
    • Create custom temperaments
    • Helpful hints to explain what the values mean
    • Easily map tunings to your keyboard with a clear visual interface
    • Create custom mappings to match your unique setup
    • Choose to map only white keys or sections of the keyboard
    • Geometric scale visualisation
    • Each angle is a different harmonic relationship
    • Click on notes on the lattice to hear them

For more information on Entonal Studio, click here:

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