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Temples Of Silence Studios Release Delay Troll

Temples Of Silence Studios have released Delay Troll, available at the intro price of $25.00, increasing to $50.00 after the promotion.

Delay Troll is a multi-tap delay created to control every delay in every way.

Simplify your sound design process with the Gravity Control feature. This tool effortlessly manipulates delay times, saving you from individual adjustments.

The Gravity gear controls tap delay time density, allowing a pull towards either the first or last tap. At center, delay times are evenly distributed. Slide left for a dense, early delay effect, or right for a unique, zipper-like delay towards the end.

Unleash the potential of Gravity Control with Delay Troll and accelerate your creative process.

Experience an unprecedented level of control with Delay Troll’s revolutionary Bezier Control feature. Manipulate pan, pitch, EQ, and level of each delay tap using a user-friendly Bezier curve, saving time on individual adjustments. Create unlimited control nodes, adding flexibility and precision to your work. With its intuitive design, Bezier Control is suitable for all skill levels.

Unlock your creativity with the LFO Designer, offering automated parameter modulation. Combine multiple oscillators, each with adjustable amplitude, phase, and period, and see the resulting LFO in the display. Delay Troll’s LFO Designer brings boundless possibilities to your audio projects.

Outperform with Delay Troll’s 64 delay taps, each offering individual control of playback level, EQ, pitch, and pan. This level of customization allows precise sound tuning, bringing a unique texture to your work. Experience the versatility of Delay Troll and elevate your sound design like never before.

Delay Troll is available to PC and Mac users (VST3 and AU) – an AAX version is in development.

For more information on Delay Troll, click here:

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