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Vocal Tune Studio Is Currently On Offer

Davy Wentzler has reduced the price of Vocal Tune Studio for a limited time, now $13.99, (usually $19.99).

With Vocal Tune Studio, pitch and time correction of vocal recordings is now finally possible on your iPhone or iPad! Use it as an Audio Unit effect inside your favourite DAW or in standalone mode.

Retune notes to achieve the popular auto tune effect or apply a more subtile correction. Besides pitch correction, notes can be corrected for timing and volume level as well.

Each individual note can be adjusted for retune time, retune amount, volume and the amount of formant correction. Artificial vibrato can also be added and adjusted to taste using the vibrato depth and rate controls and settings to adjust the time when the vibrato kicks in and the time in which it reaches the full vibrato depth to obtain a natural sounding vibrato.

Vocal Tune Studio can detect the key and scale of a vocal recording automatically or a key and scale can be manually chosen.

Choose between two workflows similar to popular desktop vocal tune software: start with either all notes quantised (corrected) or non-quantised. When choosing non-quantised, an additional Pitch Quantisation slider lets you move notes between their original sung pitch and the target pitch within the selected key and scale.

Aside from vocal pitch correction, Vocal Tune Studio also features a generic time correction/stretching mode which works on any type of audio material (not only vocals, but also guitars etc.). In this mode, any part of a recording that was played off-beat can be time corrected without affecting parts that were recorded in time.

Besides the host’s ability to render the effect to an audio file, the identified notes can also be exported as standard MIDI file.

Besides being a AUv3 plug-in, you can also run the app standalone. Record audio directly, import an audio file or paste an audio file from the iOS clipboard. After pitch and/or time correction, you can export audio to a FLAC file.


Vocal Tune Studio is also available within our DAW, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio and offers much higher integration there, not requiring to ‘record’ the audio first into Vocal Tune Studio.

PLEASE NOTE: due to a bug in Auria, Vocal Tune Studio stops working when mixing down or freezing tracks. A work-around is to create a new audio track and select the master bus as input to perform bouncing.

For more information on Vocal Tune Studio, click here:

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