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Noizplay Release Chord Switch – A FREE Download

Noizplay have released Chord Switch, a MIDI plugin generates chord sequences from simple note combinations, available as a FREE download.

The plugin produces MIDI notes, NOT sounds. This means an instrument plugin is required after this plugin to play the MIDI notes.

Example: A single MIDI note “C” produces a C major chord. If an additional note “B” is added a half-tone below, a C minor chord is generated.

Advantage: If you need a specific type of chord, you don’t have to know the exact notes that make up that chord. Just input the root note and use the additional “half-tone” notes below to specify the chord type.

Up to 8 different note combinations can be used. The highest note serves as the root note, with 0 to 3 additional notes below it in half-tone steps.

For each one of the 8 note combinations, you can specify which type of chord to produce. Just click on the blue chord type name (Maj, min, 7, min 7, …) and select from the menu.


  • The root note and additional notes must start at the exact same time.
  • The chord will play for as long as the root note is sustained, and will be produced on the same channel and with the same velocity.
  • The length of the notes below the root doesn’t matter.

If harmonic voicing is activated, appropriate chord inversions will be generated to produce musically appealing chord sequences.

If add bass note is enabled, the root note is doubled two octaves lower. This can be useful with certain instrument plugins.

Chord Switch is available to Mac users (VST3 and AU).

For more information and to download Chord Switch, click here:

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