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Quentin Houben Releases Music Routine: Daily Practice App For IOS & Android

Quentin Houben has recently released Music Routine: daily practice, an app that tracks your instrument practice, available to iOS and Android users as a FREE download with an optional in-app purchase ($3.99) that unlocks the Pro features.

If you’re serious about improving your instrument skills, establishing a daily practice routine is essential. With MusicRoutine you can create a personalized list of exercises and specify duration and speed for each of them. You can also add notes and pictures to make your routine more engaging and effective. Once created, play your routine with the built-in metronome and track your progress. Whether you play piano, guitar, drums, saxophone or any other instrument, the application lets you create a routine to suit your needs.

What’s included with the pro version:

  • Unlimited exercises (limited to 6 normally)
  • PDF Viewer (Attach pdf files to your exercises and view them in the app)
  • Import/export
  • Color theme

MusicRoutine is user-friendly and doesn’t require any account signup. You can start using it right away and benefit from its many useful features.

Features include:

  • No signup, no subscription
  • Create personalised list of exercises
  • Metronome
  • Notes, pictures and pdf for each exercise
  • Archives for keeping a backlog of old exercises
  • Statistics on your sessions and average practice time
  • Import/export

For more information on Music Routine: daily practice, click here:

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