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There’s 40% Off Frostbite 2 + Other AudioThing Deals

Plugin Boutique are offering 40% off Frostbite 2 by AudioThing for a limited time, now only £29.98 / $36.36, (usually £49.96 / $60.59). There are deals on otjer AudioThing products too. The offers end October 9th.

Frostbite is a spectral freezing plugin combined with a Ring Modulator and a Feedback module. With the three freezing modes (spectral, reverb, convolution), you can transform any sound into ambient textures, soundscapes, or just frozen reverbs.

Frostbite can also be used for extreme sonic experiments by entirely mangling any source with extreme modulations. The Signal Flow is flexible, you can rearrange the modules with a simple drag-and-drop, and selects between the two modes: serial and parallel.

With the internal LFO you can modulate most of the parameters on each module, creating evolving eerie soundscapes.

The Freeze module has three freeze modes that you can choose:

  • Spectral, uses FFT to store several analysis windows in memory and replay them randomizing their phases.
  • Reverb, a classic reverb algorithm with multiple comb and all-pass filters that can have an infinite decay.
  • Convolution, multiplies the input signal with a randomly generated noise impulse, up to 60 seconds

Frostbite 2 can be used in serial or parallel mode. When used in serial mode, you can rearrange the modules with a simple drag-and-drop to change the signal flow.

Features include:

  • Freeze (Spectral, Reverb, Convolution)
  • Ring Modulator
  • Feedback
  • Flexible Routing (Drag and Drop)
  • 1 LFO with multiple destinations
  • 70+ Presets
  • Resizable Window
  • Preset system with randomizer

Frostbite 2 is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and CLAP).

For more information on Frostbite 2, click here: 

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