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A Flash Sale On Strum Designer By Impact Soundworks

Audio Plugin Deals are offering a deal on Strum Designer by Impact Soundworks for a limited time, now only $59.00, (usually $99.00). The offer ends October 8th.

Acoustic Revolutions: Strum Designer is our definitive rhythmic acoustic guitar library. More than just a collection of loops, Strum Designer gives you the tools to build complete rhythm parts in virtually any chord progression, key, and tempo. You’ll find amazing versatility in these loops, which can sit easily in soft rock, epic ballads, edgy pop, dance, folk, easy listening, and even world genres. We’ve exhaustively sampled 48 unique strummed rhythms in two tempos, six keys, twelve chord types, and multiple variations per rhythm. As a result, you can use the performances in virtually any composition with minimal stretching or shifting needed!

Strum Designer lets you produce beautiful, natural rhythmic guitar parts within minutes. Choose from 12 different chord types such as major, minor, 7ths, augmented (etc) via keyswitch or intelligent chord detection, then easily select patterns by tapping a single key.

This Kontakt Player instrument gives you many ways to perform, sequence, and switch between rhythms and chords seamlessly. While all loops are also provided in WAV format, Strum Designer provides three convenient ways to musically control its huge bank of over 13,000 loops. In all three modes, patterns are selected via keyswitch.

For those less comfortable playing chords on their keyboard controllers, manual mode allows you to select a chord root and chord quality with a single keyswitch each.

Intelligent mode will detect the chord (root and quality) you play on your keyboard.

For those seeking the ultimate in rapid production, auto chord mode narrows your choices to diatonic chords within an octave. Select your key and scale quality, then use keyswitches to select diatonically mapped chords, allowing you to easily create chord progressions that fit smoothly together. Adjust playback to sync with your host, trigger transitions like chokes, falls, stops, and mutes, and even apply up to 6 FX from our modular analog/digital effects rack!

Whether you’re writing pop, rock, country, underscore, or EDM, the Strum Designer’s far reaching content is sure to inspire your productions!

Features include:

  • Over 14,000 24-bit recordings
  • Available both in the Kontakt instrument, and as standalone WAV loops
  • 48 inspiring rhythm patterns
  • Build your track from a selection of bread-and-butter rhythms in 4/4, 3/4, and 6/8
  • Play virtually any chord in any key
  • Create nearly any progression you can think of with twelve recorded chords for every pattern, playable in any key
  • Great for any genre
  • With a huge variety of rhythms, Strum Designer works great for rock, pop, singer-songwriter, country, EDM and beyond

Acoustic Revelations requires a free or full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

For more information on Strum Designer, click here:

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