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ADSR Release Synth Pop Nights – Samples, Loops & MIDI

ADSR have released Synth Pop Nights, a pack containing disco, pop and dance samples, loops and MIDI, available at the intro price of £9.84 / $9.99, increasing to £14.76 / $14.99 after the promotion. The offer ends October 20th.

Flow through neon-lit streets into electric dreams with Synth Pop Nights – Samples, Loops & MIDI. Inspired by pop, disco, dance, new wave and of course a love of synths and electronic innovation. This collection blurs the lines between past, present, reality and technology creating a diverse and vibrant musical landscape.

Discover a go-to selection of synths, pulsating rhythms, emotive and nostalgic atmos and SFX meticulously crafted as one shots, loops, and MIDI. Synth Pop Nights weaves a mesmerising tapestry of depth and groove, transporting you to the heart of the Synth Pop experience.

Feel the euphoria as you fall headlong into Synth Pop Nights – Samples, Loops & MIDI.

What’s included:

  • One Shots
    • 15 x Synth One Shots
    • 80 x Drum One Shots
    • 15 x Bass One Shots
  • WAV & MIDI Loops
    • 30 x WAV + 30 x MIDI Synth Loops
    • 20 x WAV + 20 x MIDI Bass Loops
    • 25 x WAV SFX And Atmo Loops
    • 60 x WAV Drum Loops
    • 10 x WAV Drum Fills

For more information on Synth Pop Nights, click here:

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