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Fiddlicator Is Back – A FREE Download

With the pending release of Fiddlicator2 Core, Martin Varga has re-released the original Fiddlicator to the App Store, available as a FREE download.

The Fiddlicator is an audio tool which can simulate various kinds of acoustic environment by the convolution of the input signal with a custom impulse response.

It was developed to simulate an acoustic body resonance for electric musical instruments (mainly the electric violin), but it can also be used for a cab simulation with proper impulse response files (not included).

The impulse response files can be imported via iTunes share or via ‘Open in’ option from another application.

The Fiddlicator is not appropriate to use as convolution reverb engine, because it can not process impulse response files longer than ~0.35 sec. (1.4 sec. with Fiddlicator Plus & MIDI extension).

Features include:

  • Main filter is based on convolution
  • Own custom IR kernel files could be imported
  • 6-band parametric equaliser (low-shelf, 4xpeak, high-shelf)
  • Delay & reverb
  • High-pass and low-pass filter on input
  • Low latency
  • IR files could be imported from standard sound files (wav…) or csv file (via ‘Open in…’ or iTunes share)
  • Mono input/output 44.1kHz (allows channel selection)
  • Audiobus and IAA support
  • Background audio mode

For more information and to download Fiddlicator, click here:

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