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APD Offer A Whopping 89% Off PPG Wave 3.V By Waldorf

Audio Plugin Deals are offering 89% off PPG Wave 3.V by Waldorf for a limited time, now only $19.99, (usually $184.00). The offer ends October 22nd.

PPG Wave 2 was the very first digital Wavetable synthesizer with analog filters that allowed completely new worlds of sound and endless sonic possibilities. Shortly afterwards, the successor PPG Wave 2.2 came out and was born to make history. With a gigantic arsenal of waveshapes, it could not only reproduce known analog sounds, but also brilliant choirs, bells and whistles. The digital sounds of wavetables had been unheard until then and offered sensational sonic evolutions by smoothly going through 64 waves back and forth.

Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V is capable of delivering up to 256 voices of polyphony, depending on the host computer. Each voice offers two Wavetable oscillators with optional sample playback with either 8, 12, or 32 bits of resolution. Samples can easily be loaded by Drag & Drop. An 8 part multimode allows multisamples to be used with the same charme and ease of use that the original offered.

Features include:

  • Up to 256 voices per instance (depending on available CPU power)
  • 8 part Multimode, 8 Stereo Outputs
  • 8 part Multimode, 8 Stereo Outputs
  • Original Waveterm B Factory Sample Library, Original PPG Wave Factory Sounds
  • 2 Wavetable Oscillators, Sample Playback with 8 bit, 12 bit or up to 32 bit
  • Authentic Aliasing Emulation of the PPG

PPG Wave 3.V is available to PC and Mac users (VST2, VST3, AU and AAX).

For more information on PPG Wave 3.V, click here:

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