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Robkoo Information & Technologies Update Qithesizer

Robkoo Information & Technologies have updated Qithesiz, currently on offer and available for only $12.99, (usually $29.99).

What’s new in version 1.10:

  • Improved algorithm of modulating filter cut off
  • Updated Legato. Works in MONO mode only
  • Fixed failed MIDI Sync

Meet Qithesizer, a powerful multi-engine hybrid software synthesizer. Designed with wind controller in mind, it combines virtual analog, wavetable and physical modeling in one.

Features include:

  • Multiple sound engines: basic waveforms, hundreds of digital waveforms, multiple physical models
  • 11 modulation sources, 24 modulation destinations
  • Full midi mapping
  • 16-step sequencer with powerful pattern editor, save patterns by preset
  • Waveform and dynamic visualizations
  • Full-size, on-screen keyboard
  • AUv3 connectivity

Watch Doug’s overview HERE.

For more information on Qithesizer, click here:

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